Ford has initiated a brilliant community program wherein local Ford dealerships can easily connect with clubs or community groups and raise funds for the needs of the community. This program is known as “Go Further 4UR Community Program”. Through this program, members of the club and their friends can partake in the test drives that are conducted through a scheduled event organised at their local club.

Last Sunday on 4th May 2014, Cumberland Ford had the opportunity to support Doonside Athletic down at Charlie Bali Reserve, Doonside. In this event, Cumberland Ford donated $50per test drive and the maximum limit for the donation was $2000, which would be paid to the club.Through the program, Cumberland Ford introduced a range of new and fresh cars suitable for all ages and facilitated people to get acquainted with the brand new cars.

Cumberland Ford strongly believes in giving back to the community in whatever way it could and to accomplish this mission certainly, “Go Further 4UR Community Program” has been the right initiative.