There are a number of independent service stations which claim to offer top notch services without affecting the vehicles new car warranty. However, you find most car companies trying hard to sell the fact that only an authorised dealer can service your car in the best possible way.

What exactly is the actual scenario? Read on to get the myths debunked.

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 disallows car companies from exclusive dealing of goods and spare parts that restrict the freedom of choice for the customer. This disallowance in effect means that no car manufacturer can make it mandatory for you to get your car serviced from authorised company service stations. Neither can they void your warranty if you get your car serviced by an independent service station which is not authorised by them. You can easily find Ford dealers if you have a Ford car.

However, do remember that the car company can refuse a warranty claim on grounds of:

  • Credible evidence of lack of maintenance
  • Use of non-genuine spare parts which led to the damage or underperformance of the vehicle.

What if you do decide to go to an independent service station to get your car repaired? Here are some things which have to be kept in mind even if you go to the most advanced independent service station are:

  • The work they do will be limited to servicing, and they cannot do warranty related work. They also might not have complete information or technology to fix all the problems in your car.
  • All the car manufacturers have their electronic test equipment dedicate to a range of cars or a particular model of car. Such equipment is very expensive, and dealers will not have access to them.

Some independent dealers will also charge a premium fee for servicing your car. Whereas, in case of authorised service stations, the rates will largely be the same throughout and reasonable enough.

Understanding the use of non-genuine parts

Independent users often opt for non-genuine spare parts. While this may save a considerable amount of money but it will affect the car’s performance in the long run. Some non-genuine parts may even prove to be a safety hazard for you by affecting the other equipment in the car. It is recommended to use genuine products, especially if the car is still covered by warranty. In case you used a non-genuine part, as said above, your warranty claim may very well be turned down. You really do not want to be entangled in a legal mess between the service company and the car company.

Interestingly though, most authorised dealers offer assistance at their discretion that’s over and above what they are bound to provide by law. If they find you went to a non-authorized service station, it is highly unlikely that such goodwill measures will be extended to you. No matter where you service your car from, it’s important to ensure that it’s performed by qualified people and adheres to the manufacturer’s specifications. It’s always a good idea to use genuine parts whenever possible.

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