Ford Fiesta ST vs Renault Clio RS

Specifications at a glance:

Ford Fiesta ST: 1.6 litre 4cyl turbo petrol, 147Kw AND 290Nm, 6-sp manual, 6.2L/100km and 145g/km CO2.

Price: From $25,900 plus the on-road costs.

Renault Clio RS: 1.6 litre 4cyl turbo petrol, 147Kw AND 240Nm, 6-sp manual, 6.3L/100km and 144g/km CO2.

Price: From $28,790 plus the on-road costs.

Ford Fiesta ST

Some of the key features of this car are a single trim line with manual transmission, turbocharged engine, and sporty suspension, rear parking sensors, body kit, useful interiors and 17-inch wheels. To add to its glory is its first class infotainment system, superb safety suite and a 3 year plus a 100,000 kilometers warranty.

With business-like interiors of scarlet lighting, footwell and Recaro seats, this car allows the driver to control it all from behind the wheel. The blue oval’s clever Sync system and programmable smart keys are added features. Certainly, the Fiesta’s size is an added advantage, making it quite an enjoyable drive all through. It is definitely a plus feature when driving through crowded marketplaces or small streets.

Buzzing with young energy, it emits a power like one of the bigger cars, and carries the tag of the Ford EcoBoost mightily. The minute you set your hands on the steering wheel, you feel one with it. While it does have excellent steering, it isn’t nearly as poised as the Renault Clio RS-2. Ford Fiesta ST is a beautifully designed car with flawless corners and Torque Vectoring allowing you to master sports turns along with rear disk brakes to add to the safety. You can find a Ford Fiesta ST for sale easily these days. However, when buying Ford Fiesta ST Australia, keep in mind to find a good ford dealer for a great price.

Renault Clio RS-2

Renault on the other hand, boasts of 4 trim lines with the entry-level Sport being the closest to Fiesta. Being a five-door automatic, it has satellite navigation and parking sensors at an added cost. It misses out on the rear air bags which Fiesta doesn’t. A 3 year, unlimited kilometer warranty is what this car promises.

It interiors are pretty attractive at the first look and are clubbed with a huge touchscreen that it easy-to-use. What add to its sporty theme are the orange and red highlights, sporty seatswith rally-style strip on the steering wheel.

The Clio is unbeatably the quicker of them both, making full use of its launch control mode. The 15mm reduction in the ride height making the clearance levels very low. Cruise control, parking sensors and climate control are all part of the car but come at an increased price. With three smart controls on the gear- Comfort, Sports and Race that sound nice, but are really just names and don’t do much to the car. Previous and current users sadly prefer the older version of the car, meaning that the newer one is a slight disappointment to them. Fast and frantic as it was, this new version is cleaner, more economical and of course, fuel efficient. Trimmed down to 1.6 litre engine from its previous model having a 2.0 L engine, this has a hatchback body style and is funky looking.