The freshened up Ford Transit and Transit Custom will be equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission to place one of the world’s best-selling commercial vans for substantial expansion locally in the segment’s hub.

All-New 2.0L Eco Blue Next Generation Engine

Apart from the addition of automatic transmission, the 2017 Transit range will also feature high-performance 2.0L Eco Blue next generation engine, which will provide more power and torque. At the same time, it shall render better fuel economy and enhanced emissions to assist Transit customers to realise more. Therefore, the freshened Transit range offers customers with a technology-packed option in the van segment to assist them to get their work done more resourcefully.

2.0L Eco Blue Engines – More Power but Lesser Emissions

  • Fuel consumption & emissions are as per ADR 81/02 (combined cycle) and are to be used for vehicle comparison purposes only. It is not likely that this fuel consumption figure will be attained in driving conditions in the real world. Actual fuel consumption will depend on numerous factors including the driver’s habits, existing conditions and the vehicle’s condition, gear and use.
  • Figures will differ significantly, depending on the load being carried, driving style and whether a trailer is being towed.

The next generation 2.0L Eco Blue engines fitted to the upgraded Transit and Transit Custom will adhere to the latest European Stage VI emissions standards, driving considerable enhancements in emissions.

A Wide-Ranging Colour Palette is Available for Added Customisation

With over 100 colours to choose from, the Transit range provides a huge range of colour choices. So now, you can choose the colour to blend with your business’s spirit and outlook as well as your lifestyle and make a bold statement.

SYNC® 3 Highlights

  • The new 6.0-inch touch screen with capacitive touch technology facilitates ‘pinch and swipe’ ability on certain features (like a smart phone or tablet).
  • The new ‘Home’ screen has a cleaner layout and bigger icons for speedy access to functions that include climate control, smart phone (including compatible apps), satellite navigation (where fitted) and audio system.
  • It has options to customise more and is easier to navigate user preferences and settings.
  • Compatible apps include Google Maps+, Pandora and Spotify.
  • Android Auto integration and Apple Car Play includes the capability to access Google Now and Apple Siri.

New Side Wind Stabilisation & Driver Assist Tech

  • The New Ford Transit and Transit Custom vehicles that are equipped with the new 2.0L Eco Blue engines also get a new technology as standard, which aids drivers to stay in the lane when their van is hit by an abrupt crosswind or the commotion created by a big truck.
  • The Side Wind Stabilisation is an updated feature developed by the engineers of Ford – it is designed to apply brakes cautiously on one side of the vehicle to lower the effect of a side wind gust on the vehicle’s pathway. The Side Wind Stabilisation feature is also intended to aid combat fatigue by lowering the workload of the driver.
  • The Side Wind Stabilisation system’s sensors check stability 100 times per second at vehicle speeds of over 80 kilometres per hour. If a sudden blow is sensed, the feature is devised to become active in less than 200 milliseconds.
  • Engineers of Ford have tested the new system at a special test track that uses 6-powerful fans to produce crosswinds of up to 80 kilometres per hour and on public roads in specific areas where strong winds are experienced.

New Additional Features

  • To identify the new 2.0L Eco Blue engines and distinguish them from earlier and carryover 2.2L models, a new chrome insert has been added to the front grille of Transit Custom and Transit (FWD).
  • The Transit and Transit Custom’s standard multi-function display screen size that features the new 2.0L Eco Blue engine will be upgraded to a 4.0-inch TFT (thin film transistor) colour screen. However, transit models that are retained with the existing 2.2L engine will remain unchanged with the 3.4-inch LCD Dot Matrix screen.
  • Replacing the hubcaps of the previous model, Transit Custom vehicles will now come standard with full-wheel covers.

Bottom Line

The automatic Transit and Transit Custom will come with all-new next generation 2.0L Eco Blue engines, rendering greater power and more torque as well as providing over 10% gains in fuel efficiency, lesser emissions and longer service intervals. A longer warranty gives complete peace of mind so owners can focus on their business goals, whereas longer service intervals mean less time off the road.

With the addition of the automatic transmission in 2017 along with new, more muscular and economical 2.0L Eco Blue engine and wind stabilisation technology to assist drivers to stay in lane in high crosswinds, the Ford Transit is all set to become the chosen pick for consumers, here in Australia.